Skills Training

Skills training for your operators and riggers, First Aid and Safety Training for a safer site or factory.

Key Benefits

  • Trained operators for more economical equipment running costs
  • Trained operators for quicker operations and a safer environment

We offer skills training for Lifting equipment operators from Cranes to Forklifts; Safety and First Aid training.

Basic Rigger-Learning
Takes the trainee from leaning what each item of Lifting Gear is to prem use inspection to selection for tasks to practical tasks. can be expanded to cover Chain Blocks and under deck rigging.

Machine Operator Training
These courses are designed to teach the trainee the theory behind their machine. Load Charts, Stability, Method statements selection of loose gear for a task. Includes a practical assessment We offer courses for Mobile, Crawler and tower Crane Operator, Forklift Truck Operator and Overhead Crane Operator

First Aid and Safety Training
First Aid from one day basic to to three day intensive courses. Safety training from half day basic safety to UAE Safety Officer level.


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