Marine Fire System Service and Certification

Qualified personnel to carry out annual surveys of Marine Fire Detection / Alarm Systems and Fixed / Portable Fire Extinguishers and Breathing Equipment.

We can carry out servicing and Certification of Fire Systems on vessels from Pleasure Craft to Supertankers and Naval Vessels. Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers to 40 tonne Bulk CO2 Systems.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service
Servicing carried out in accordance with QAS 3169. Most makes Serviced, refilled, hydro testing High and Low Pressure. Cylinders painted using Marine Quality finish.

Fire/Gas Detection and Alarm Systems
From a function check to fault finding and rectification of most makes of Fire detection and Alarm Systems. New system installation and extensions to existing systems.

CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
High Pressure system servicing from Weight/liquid level check and function test to all cylinders ashore for Hydro testing and refilling. Valve servicing repairs and replacements. Bulk CO2 System removal of CO2 cleaning and tank repairs refilling and function testing.

Dry Chemical and Foam Fire Suppression Systems
From foam analysis and function testing to full service emptying tanks and refilling with new or existing media.

Breathing Equipment Servicing
From a function check to fault finding and rectification of most makes Breathing Equipment. Cylinders Hydro tested, painted and refilled as required.


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