Our Inspection Division is Accredited by Dubai Accreditation Center to ISO 17020:1998 and approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Safety section. We are overseas associate member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association of UK).

We offer a full package of Services to cover Industrial, Construction, Offshore Lifting Equipment, Cranes, Air Receivers at your site. We also provide Load Cells, Water bags, Calibrated Solid Test weights and hydrostatic test equipment.

We provide inspection, testing and certification for all your below-the-hook equipment.

Please email or cal for assistance with your requirements and our pricing structure.

If you are based in Dubai, why not combine your annual inspection with your Fire Certificate and let our Dubai Civil Defense Approved Fire Service Division take care of these requirements.

Qualified engineers accredited to ISO 17020 by DAC are available to carry out inspections and testing of your Cranes, Forklifts and Manriders.

Inspection and Load testing of any Lifting Equipment from a small sling to large capacity crane. We offer a turnkey service with weights or water bags, load cells, measuring equipment and Inspection Engineer.

Lifting Equipment Testing
We can carry out proof and SWL testing to suit your requirements whether they be Industrial, onshore, offshore or Marine. From Slings to Chain Blocks to Mobile and Crawler Cranes, Forklifts, Tower Cranes, Jib Cranes, Overhead Cranes etc.

Winch Testing
We can carry out winch testing to Marine Standards. Tanker mooring winches, anchor handling winches etc.

Hydrostatic Testing
Pressure testing of high and low pressure vessels, air receivers and in service inspections of mobile compressors

Equipment For Hire with our Inspection Engineer
- Solid Test Weights up to 500 tonnes
- Water bags Up to 150 tonnes
- Load Cells 2 tonnes to 100 tonnes
- Mooring Winch Test Rig with Jack
- Clamp on tension meters for mast guy wire adjustment

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