Lifting Division Supply
  1. Manufacture of Steel Wire Rope Slings from 6 mm to 64 mm diameter. We use both the Talurit Aluminium Ferrules and Flemish Eyes with steel sleeves
  2. Gunnebo GrabiQ, classic Chain and lifting components
  3. Manufacture of Steel Wire Rope Grommets
  4. Manufacture of Polyester Webbing Slings to EN1492-1: 2000 from 1 tonne to 15 tonne 2 inch single ply to 12 inch 3 ply. 
  5. Fabrication of Thimble and Soft Eyes on Nylon and Polypropylene Tails and stretchers. 
  6. Installation of Spelter Sockets using resin (Wirelock) carried out by our team either in our workshop or on site/vessel.
  7. RaycoWylie Systems - Crane Safe Load Indicators and Load Monitoring Devices. Press Link for more details
  8. Globestock Ltd - Fall Arrest Devices and Harnesses. 
  9. Ratchet Lashings. Tie down equipment.
  10. Steel Wire Ropes

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